HANNAM HN-1080TP Clear Acrylic Foam Tape 0.8 mm

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Ⅰ. About HN-1080TP

HN-1060TP is nice especially for Construction and Interior decoration industry and by UV curing system. This tape is widely used to fix building construction parts for its excellent adhesion, heat resistance, heat impact, especially in the anti-corrosion resistance.

Ⅱ. HN-1080TP Structure

Ⅲ. Characteristics of HN-1080TP

- For building construction. - Excellent in heat resistance and Good weatherability, because base foam is manufactured by UV curing system. - Bonding ornament for house interior - Bonding electronic components for electronic goods.

Ⅳ. Precaution for Handling

- Ideal working temperature is 20~27 deg ℃ for attaching or processing tape - Cleanness of the tape surface can affect the adhesion. Clean the surface with isopropyl alcohol or petroleum ether, after drying completely and then attach - Store tape under 15~27 deg ℃ cool and dark place - Period of storage validity (Upon company’s specification)

Red-PE (Release Liner) Transparent Foam (Backing

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HANNAM HN-1080TP Clear Acrylic Foam Tape 0.8 mm

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